POSTED ON DECEMBER 21, 2017 / BY ROOT / IN GENERAL The most anticipated season of every year is Christmas and it’s a time of love, peace and gifts. The most popular gift to your dear ones is to gift them their dream smartphone. 2017 saw a slew of launches from most manufacturers across all segments. We have sorted the 8 best smartphones of 2018 to make life easier for you.


The iPhone X is special in so many ways; the anniversary edition. The first iPhone with an all-screen front, face ID and without the home key. It marks the start of a new iPhone generation built by Tim Cook’s team. The iPhone X has impeccable design and build. It has the best smartphone screen, unmatched performance, and top-notch camera experience.


Nokia, the once leader in the mobile phone segment was quiet absent from the scene for quite a while. They’re back now and what a comeback they have made. The Nokia 8 is the new flagship and is rightly so. It is armed with the most advanced chipsets, best build quality and an exceptional camera. For those who miss the legendary Nokia brand, this just might be the best Christmas present.

Google Pixel 2

Google has launched its latest flagship, the Pixel 2. IT has set the new benchmark for Android smartphones by providing an unmatched user interface. It introduces several new features and has the best rear camera among Android smartphones.

If your dear ones travel to different countries and face language issues this is the best smartphone to gift them. Google has launched a special pair of headphones that translate voice in real time. This along with the awesome rear camera makes the Pixel 2 the best travel companion.


OnePlus 5T is our most favourite smartphone of this year. It truly is an amazing smartphone for the price. It packs the latest chipset with an option of 4/8 GB RAM. A reason for all music lovers to rejoice is that OnePlus has not skipped on the 3.5 mm jack. A brilliant display and outstanding batter life is what sets the 5T apart from the rest of the crowd.

The innovation here is fundamentally the same as another app the Federal Trade Commission cautioned about in 2016. It had then cautioned application engineers utilizing Silverpush’s product that they could be infringing upon Section 5 of the FTC Act, in the event that they said they weren’t gathering or transmitting this same kind of data when, actually, they did. The FTC additionally called attention to the applications being referred to weren’t telling clients that they were checking their TV viewerships even when the app wasn’t being used.

The case with Alphonso’s product sounds suspiciously comparable. It reminds us to be cautious of what you install on your device and to precisely read through an application’s consents – particularly if it’s requesting access to something it shouldn’t require, similar to an amusement that necessities to turn on your mic, for instance.

Gratefully, the present app stores worked by Apple and Google require applications to get client’s assent when an application needs to take access of the mic. On applications given by the iOS App Store, there’s even a committed pop-up that enables you to allow the receiver utilization when the application runs.

Moreover, you can check where you’ve agreed to use the mic in applications for yourself. In iOS Settings, go to Privacy – > Microphone; on current Android, go to Apps and warnings – > App Permissions, at that point Microphone.

Nonetheless, regardless of how the data is introduced, it’s frequently immediately consented to – now and again, even by youngsters. Furthermore, it’s simply uncertain to numerous buyers that an application will keep on listening regardless of when their phone isn’t being utilized and stowed away in their pocket, for instance. (Alphonso’s product can work in a pocket, as well, The NYT said.)

In any event, the FTC truly hasn’t looked too sympathetic to organizations that attempt to slip this kind of conduct past purchasers. Ahead of schedule in 2017, for example, it fined Vizio $2.2 million for gathering seeing history from 11 million shrewd TVs with legitimate customer assent, for instance.