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Who is Firstcall?

Firstcall is chennai’s largest and most trusted smartdevice , tablet & Laptop service network. We fix smartdevices,tablets and Laptop of all brands & make with the added convenience of free pickup and delivery. We also buy and sell used/refurbished mobile devices.

Servicing Process

On receipt of device you will be intimated by SMS and then again you will be intimated by SMS, once the mobile is fixed and ready for delivery

Service Duration

We take a minimum of 6 hours-24 hours to service the Gadgets.But the actual time estimation depends on the diagnosis.

Warranty repair

No fee will be charged within 3 days of delivery.Beyond that a nominal fee of Rs.200 to Rs.500 will be charged for Labour only.

Service charge for device under warranty

Irrespective of your Device being under warranty or not, our service charges will be applicable

Is Firstcall authorized service center?

Firstcall is an independent operation where devices are repaired by experienced professionals and is not a company authorized service center.

What about the data on my device?

Data security is completely yourresponsibility. While we take utmost care in ensuring there is no data loss, repair of mobile/tablet might entail formatting of device and the company will not be responsible for the loss of saved data/contact information. Please take appropriate data backup before submitting your device.

Repair of Dead Devices

If a device is handed over in switched off state or in a perceivably dead state, the cost of servicing will be quoted only after detailed diagnosis and you will be charged a non-refundable service fee of Rs.200 to Rs.500.

Selling Price Quote finalization

As against the given quote initially, we reserve the right to change, modify or cancel the quote at any time, if the the device is different in condition, other than described by you; the quote is valid for 3 days only

Pre-owned mobile-Selling-Any service charges?

The are no service charges for the pickup, device diagnosis and quote issue.The whole process from start to finish is free.

Device data

You must back up and store any data you wish to keep from your product and remove any personal information before you sell to us. By selling to firstcall, you agree to release us from any claim or liability as to the product, the data stored in such product. Firstcall is not responsible for any loss suffered by you due to any data that is not erased from the device and obtained by a third party, or any loss of data after you submitted your product to us.

Firstcall service lifecycle

We offer you a free pickup and drop service.The moment you give a call to our call center number:7811078110> we will respond by sending you a pickup executive, analyze the device, give you a quote, service the device and door deliver it, payment being made at door step.

Service charges

At the time of pickup no fees is collected.After diagnosis the customer will be intimated if there are any extra spare part charges and servicing will commence only after your confirmation.Service fee will range between Rs.200 – Rs.500 based on the effort and time consumed in the device service.

Service Warranty

We offer a select warranty of 1 Year for our Gadget repairs.For others, warranty will be 30 days.The warranty is meant to cover only service issues that were fixed by Firstcall and warranty will not cover any damage caused after the Device is delivered.

Device issues covered

Mobile-Touchpad,Display,Speaker,Mic,Battery Replacement,
Laptop-Screen Replacement,Battery,Charging Port,Chip Level Service

Replaced Spare parts quality

Some of the parts replaced are from OEM (original equipment manufacturers), but not all;however all parts quality tested and offered a warranty of 90 days.

Does the original manufacturer warranty void post repair with Firstcall?

Firstcall is an independent device service network. If your device is within the warranty period, its manufacturer warranty might void post repair with Firstcall

What if my device is not switching on?

Mobiles/Tablet handed over in switched off state would be treated as dead mobile and the actual cost of repair would be confirmed post diagnosis. Rs.200/- would be charged for diagnosis and this amount is non refundable.

Selling the device Online

You can sell the device online by visiting the website /selling section.Please choose your make/model and fill in the device description / condition questionnaire.We will give you a tentative quote; after pickup, based on our instrument diagnosis, we will approve quote.

Pickup service charges

The device pickup service is absolutely free of cost. You don’t have to pay anything from start to finish.

Documents to be submitted while pickup

Submit a self attested ID proof at the time of .pickup, which is mandatory for all devices being sold.Do not forget to provide all the accessories accompaning the device with any available packing

Data on your device after Selling

Before you sell the device, please take a backup of all your personal information.Firstcall will not be liable for any claim due to any loss suffered by you due to the data left unerased and obtained by third-party.




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